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The Paraweb Digital-agency specializes in website and app development for business, government organizations, universities and different digital-agencies. We work not only with local businesses, but also with many International brands.

Our experience allows us to come up with solutions of different complexity, including heavy load websites with over 10.000 unique users.


years on the market


years — our longest project


of regular clients


projects, more than 10 projects cover 40 000+ users

Our work

Every project starts from deep analytical work. Depending on the target, we investigate the market and competitors, study the most outstanding international experience in the client’s field, analyze our client’s business processes and advantages to choose the most effective solution.

We constantly catch up with changes in the Russian legislation to protect our clients in medical, educational, constructional, food and other industry spheres from all the possible penalties.

Our effective management allows to fit in the time limits and to efficiently use our resources needed for an excellent work on the project. Our experts are always there for the client and will be happy to answer any questions or put any amendments to the project.

We thoroughly test our solutions and give a long-term guarantee for our works.

We have over 850 different projects for most demanding clients, such as the Universities and Russian Scientific organizations, popular Digital-agencies, many public authorities and, of course, various successful projects for big, medium and small business.

Our clients

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